What's Your Problem? And How Video Can Fix It

Video - it's a tricky thing. How much should you spend? Where do you show it? What purpose will it serve you in the long run? Why is video a good thing? These are all valid questions and ones we are asked everyday by businesses we meet. So here are our thoughts on some Key issues or problems a well scripted video can solve for you

Video Lets You Explain

Every business as a unique selling point, however sometimes describing just how unique your product or service is can be complicated and you'll know as well as anyone that people won't always scroll through pages of text to find out if you can help them. A well scripted video can condense all those important points into 1 minute and 30 seconds and make a powerful sales tool for your business.

Video Lets You Get Personal

You've heard the phrase 'people buy from people' but how often do you get to actually talk to your target market? Customers always prefer to know just who it is they are dealing with. Featuring in your own video is a powerful way to make that connection with prospective clients.

Video Can Be Shared

Not all videos will go viral, but that doesn't mean they sit in cyber space being ignored. Instead of writing lengthy sales emails, or trying to explain your business in 140 characters, sharing a video makes sending your message out easily and economically.

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