To save her baby sister from the dark fantasy world she has created, Chloe must confront the child in herself and learn to grow up. Written and directed by Laura Degnan, and produced by Candle & Bell, the film was shot on location in Danby in 2015. It starred Bill Fellows, Eva Quinn, Bastion Flood, Daniel John Williams and new comer, Lucy Connor-Cope.

You can watch the full film here:

The Lost Girl is a striking visual representation of growing up, with imagery drawn from fairy tales including Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan. Drawing on inspiration from films like “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Black Swan”, director Laura Degnan wanted to create a film that explored the human psyche in visually innovative ways. The resulting film is a rich, evocative fairy tale that captures  the difficult transitional phase from child to adult.

The film screened at Aesthetica Short Film Festival, London Short Film Festival and the Canberra Short Film Festival, where it won Best Cinematography.

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