A Six and Two Threes is about two kids from different sides of the tracks who meet when one of them goes looking for his real Dad. Over the course of the day, they realise they may have more in common than they think. It's a comedy-drama about how, deep down, we're all just looking for a friend.

A Six and Two Three’s felt fresh and honest. Excellent casting and a natural execution that helped the overall real feel of the piece.
— Norwich Film Festival
I marvelled at how in a film so thick with dialogue (thanks to the wonderfully verbally emetic Mackenzie) it is what goes unsaid that speaks loudest. I also enjoyed how by the film’s conclusion we see how much the laconic Sean and the garrulous Mac had in common. Both Sean’s studied coolness and Mac’s excessive familiarity mask their own vulnerability and feelings of isolation.
— Cork Film Festival

A Six and Two Threes was made in the summer of 2015 in Stockton on Tees. The film was funded through the prestigious iShorts 2 scheme, run by Creative England through the BFI Network. Additional funds were raised through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The film was written and directed by Stockton based filmmaker Andy Berriman. Andy's uncompromising vision for the film and commitment to capturing the dialect and idiosyncrasies of the town, made it a huge success with audiences. The film was shot using local crew and featured local actors, as well as residents of the area. Shane Teasdale and Andrew Dawson give performances that are hilarious and sensitive in equal measure.

The film was long listed for Best British Short Film at The British Independent Film Awards 2016, screened at 17 festivals around the world and won 4 awards.

Watch the Behind the Scenes video below.

A Six and Two Threes is a tragic but warm character story driven along by a tight script and a stand out performance from the young lead, Shane Teasdale. Writer/director Andy Berriman has done an outstanding job in creating a film that was a firm favourite with both the audience and judges alike.
— Plymouth Film Festival

For a full list of cast and crew, click here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5108768/