5 Tips for Appearing in Your Promo Video

Recently, Candle & Bell made a video for Simply66, a virtual reception service company with a great service and bags of personality. They asked us to pitch an idea that captured their personality and style. On the face of it the idea seemed simple - the group of employees would stand in front of the camera and deliver lines. We would edit them together and they would tell the story of Simply66 and all the great things they offer. However, as the Simply66 team were about to find out, talking on camera can be a little nerve wracking.

Appearing in your video is a great idea. You're speaking directly to your clients, present and future. You're making business personal and that is what people like to see. However, if you appear tense and nervous, your credibility could be in jeopardy. Here are a few simple tips for how to prepare facing the camera:

Take Your Time

If you give yourself just a few minutes to rattle off a piece to camera, you'll likely rush your words and come across as flat and uninteresting. Each time you do a new take, try something a little different, emphasise different words and gestures. There is no need to put yourself under unnecessary pressure, so forget about the clock and give yourself the time to do as many takes as necessary.


I meet a lot of people who are laid back and funny - until you ask them to look into a camera. A lot of the time people carry tension in their shoulders and neck and appear hunched and stiff on camera. Try doing some gentle neck and shoulder rolls in between takes to make sure you remain relaxed.

Have Fun With It

The cliche director phrase but its true. Don't take it too seriously, keep the atmosphere light hearted and you'll find your performance improves.

Be Prepared

Make sure you've taken the time to say your lines out loud and from memory. You don't want to sound too rehearsed but knowing what you need to say, and how to say it, will put you under less pressure when you come to film your piece to camera.


If you find you're making a lot of mistakes, stop filming and take a short break. Never film yourself if you're upset or in a bad mood; You'll be surprised how easy it is for your audience to sense something isn't quite right. Only appear in front of the camera when you're in the right frame of mind.

So how did the team at Simply66 get on? Our behind the scenes video gives you a sneak peak into the making of the video.