An end-of-life care robot spends his last days with his beloved, terminally-ill patient.


STINE is an end-of-life care robot. He lives in a flat in Newcastle with his terminally-ill patient Lizzie. Stine and Lizzie share a special bond, and he is in denial about her bleak future. In her final days, Lizzie and Stine spend time at her ‘favourite place’ – a VR simulation of a beach she loves, and watch the busy city go about living through the window. Stine struggles to cope with the reality that Lizzie will soon die… and when she does, he refuses to accept it. Ultimately, Stine is a story about grief – the grief Lizzie feels for her own life and the irony of an end-of-life care robot who can’t accept death.

The film stars Tuppence Middleton in the role of Lizzie and Daniel John Williams as the voice of STINE. The film was funded through Creative England Emerging Talent Fund and was shot at Jam Jar Studios in Gateshead.

The Film screened at the London Short Film Festival, Norwich Film Festival and the SciFi Film Festival.

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