Candle & Bell are proud to work with some of British Cinema’s most talented up and coming filmmakers. Our intention is to bring under represented communities to the screen, and create films that entertain and inspire audiences.

Below are a few of the films we are currently developing.


 Marwell - Feature Film

Marwell Thumbnail.png

“Marwell” is a feature film, written and directed by Benjamin Bee, and produced by Candle & Bell.

The story is about a young boy called Marwell who is growing up in foster care. Desperate to find himself a family, he begins to advertise himself to prospective parents. This turns out to be as stupid as it sounds and he is soon picked up by the police and returned to his foster home. Edward sees his flyer and gets in touch with Marwell, and the paid begin to bond.

One day Marwell finds a photo in Edward’s wallet, and suspects that Edward is his biological father. The truth is more absurd that Marwell could ever imagine, and forces him to confront his past and future, as his present spins out of control.

Marwell was developed with the support of the Venice Biennale Cinema College 2018, and Edinburgh Talent Lab Connects 2019.


Soon We Will All Be History Here - Feature Film

History Thumbnail.png

“Soon We Will All Be History Here” is a feature film, written and directed by Saeed Taji Farouky, and produced by Candle & Bell.

Saleh has lived his life in his father’s army - fighting a desperate war. When his father is captured and killed, Saleh escapes to England to find his estranged sister Dima. Determined to rebuild his life and escape any association to his father, Saleh works odd jobs and spends his time distancing himself from his father’s legacy.

Haunted by his father’s crimes, Saleh drifts between consciousness and a dream world, free from guilt and trauma. Saleh will discover that some legacy’s are inescapable.


Humans, (Other Mammals) And Birds - Feature Film

Humans Thumbnail.png

Humans (Other Mammals) and Birds is a feature film written and directed by Benjamin Bee, and produced by Candle & Bell.

Newcastle, present day. When Ed’s partner Roma breaks up with him and leaves without a trace, his heart quite literally falls out of his chest. The doctor is able to save his life but unfortunately his heart is too big to put back, and he’s forced to carry it around for the world to see. It’s only a matter of time before he will die. Ed believes the only way he can save himself is to win Roma back, but as she won’t even pick up the phone he’s forced to seek out help at a support group for people in a similar position to him. Here he makes an unlikely friend in the obviously suicidal Muriel, but Ed is too obsessed with his own problems to see that other people may have it worse than him. Can Ed work out where everything went wrong, save his new friend, all while fixing himself? Humans (other Mammals) and Birds is a funny and touching film about love and grief, offering an honest and refreshing look at what it is to be a human in 2019.

The film was supported by the BFI Network early development fund.


Devil’s Water - Feature Film

Devils Thumbnail.png

Devil’s Water is a fantasy horror film written and directed by Scott Young.

After being found guilty for assault, Danny is sent to The Ridge, a reform centre for young people in the middle o Northumberland. There he meets the violent sadistic guards who are responsible for a group of young people, long forgotten by the justice system. Danny plans to escape but the cruel and eerie landscape, means the inmates have no choice but to stay within the confines of facility.

One night, the weather is more violent than usual and a backpacker named Layla appears, asking for shelter. As a series of strange happenings unfold, the inmates realise that Layla might just be the person who can set them free, and avenge the cruelty they have endured at the hands of the guards.

Devil’s Water was supported by Creative England and Northern Film and Media.