Small Fish, Big Pond

Why working with small creative firms could be the best thing that ever happened to your business.

Market Proximity

Small businesses have to narrow their focus to survive; They have to become experts in their field and know their clients market better than anyone else. As they are closer and more in-tune with consumers, they can deliver effective solutions that make a real difference to their clients.

Customer Service

Small businesses understand the value of customer service better than anyone else. This is partly because of fewer time pressures and partly due to the ethos of running an SME - always put customers first, second, and third.

Nature and Nurture

Small businesses are able to address a clients growing needs, introduce new services and adapt to new technology faster than a large corporate machine. Most SMEs will talk about their ability to go ‘above and beyond’ their clients needs, something they are able to do because smaller teams means greater flexibility and no need for corporate re-structuring!


Small businesses in the creative industries have a personal approach to doing business. Companies often bemoan the lack of connection they feel with big marketing firms and ad agencies. Small creative firms put greater emphasis on making that personal connection and seek meaning beyond the money you've deposited in their bank account.


We believe that most creatives who decide to run their own business do so because they are passionate about what they do. They don’t seek fame or grandeur - just the opportunity to work on their craft and delight people. The 80 hour week is most certainly not an attractive prospect. However, small business owners love to work, they love to create, and their enthusiasm is contagious!