My Kingdom for a Horse

Having made a career out of piecing details together to create stories, I find Shakespeare's famous line particularly apt when talking about how things might go wrong in the video production process.

A video is made up of many parts. Without a great script, it's likely that your message will fall on deaf ears; Without great images, the visual appeal is lost and viewers get bored; Without clean sound you'll put people off; Every detail matters a great deal.

Customer Focus

When people first approach us to create a video for their business the over - riding concern is 'how do you make a video and what steps are involved?' Most new clients are hesitant and find the prospect of commissioning a video rather daunting. Addressing this issue is a key part of how we deliver our service.

During our first meeting with you, we will explain the process to you, how the money will be spent and all the vital information we need to create a video that is effective and makes a difference to your business. Writing the script is a hugely collaborative process for us - we involve our clients every step of the way in determining their core message and goal for the video. Why? Because understanding your business means we can create a video that works for you.

The Devil is in the Details

Much like poor Richard III, a video that isn't well thought out or has missed some of the crucial details will likely find itself buried and forgotten. The details matter, the simplest things can be the difference between success and failure.

Making a video can be expensive and justifiably so - a great deal of work has to go into crafting a story and visuals, that scream credibility and convert viewers into customers. The video production process starts with great scripting, drilling through the excess and targeting the key issues, addressing problems and presenting the solution. Brushing over the details, rushing the process and skimping on costs, mean you'll end up losing out to the competition for want of some trivial reason. Your kingdom for a horse indeed.