Getting an Event Video Right

It’s no surprise that event videos are one of our more popular services. A video of an event can serve as a case study as well as promotional video content for future events. However capturing the excitement and atmosphere is a lot more complicated that just showing up and filming the crowds and action. Here are a few tips that we hope will help when it comes to planning a video production shoot of your event.


Before the event begins visit the location with your camera crew and director. It’s important know where cameras and crew can set up and store their bags and cases. Make sure everyone is introduced - you don’t want security stopping your camera crew at the door or a stage / location manager who isn’t aware that filming is happening. Health and Safety are also important so be sure to conduct a risk assessment. If there are a team of camera operators, it’s important they all understand any potential risks and how to report any problems.

Working with the Public

Make sure you have signs up letting people know that filming is taking place, that way if they are uncomfortable with being on camera they can let you know or move away from the cameras.


Filming rehearsals is a great way to get some b-roll and to get a better understanding of the way the event unfolds. When we filmed the Festival of Humanities for Northumbria University, we took the opportunity to be at the location while the staff where setting up their stalls. It meant we could capture certain details of the exhibitions before the public arrived.

Moments of Magic

The best event videos are the ones that capture those moments of spontaneity, a singer screaming into a microphone, a crowd erupting into applause. Footage that captures the excitement and enjoyment of the event is the best advertisement. When filming Evolution Emerging 2016, we decided to return to the performance of Kingsley Chapman and the Murder because we knew their closing song would be incredible. I kept the camera on the singer and caught some incredible moments that looked great in the video. It’s important to give filmmakers unlimited access and freedom to capture unscripted moments as they could make the difference between an ordinary video that no one watches, and one that gets lots of views and showcases all your hard work!

If you want a video produced of your event, get in touch with us today.